Why WordPress Security is an Uncompromising Strategy

Content Management System (CMS) is popularly used by many online businesses to create their own official websites. A popular CMS platform is WordPress. WordPress is proven to be one of the founding platforms in terms of the content management system (CMS).  Instead of relaying to a website developer, WordPress allowed users freedom to design their own websites in an easier way.

Since the rise of CMS among website creators and users, they became a constant target for hackers. Therefore, if you own a WordPress-powered website, you should consider why WordPress security software is very important for your business.

The Security in WordPress

You might be thinking if WordPress is really secure. WordPress is very secured as long as the WordPress security practices and rules are strictly observed. The rest depends on the user as well. Since WordPress supplies services to 25% of all active websites,  security weaknesses are unavoidable because not all users are cautious, thorough, or security conscious with their websites. If a hacker can compromise any of the 700 million WordPress websites on the web, they can scan for other websites that are also running insecure setups of old or weak versions of WordPress and hack those too.

The WordPress Security Threats

Any website can be compromised anytime, but security issues happen before and after your website has been compromised. You need to know that all want the same thing – your account credentials. With that, they can do whatever they want on your website. They can inject unwanted codes, malware, and vandalize your website.

Here are the common threats did by hackers:

Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks, just like what its name suggests, is a trial and error method of entering multiple usernames and password combinations over and over until a successful combination is discovered. They simply want to get your log-in combinations to control your WordPress account.

Because by default, WordPress doesn’t limit log-in attempts. You won’t be notified as well. So, hackers will exploit this chance to vex you. Even if a brute force attack is unsuccessful, it can still harm your server, as login attempts can overload your system. While you’re under a brute force attack, some hosts may suspend your account, especially if you’re on a shared hosting plan, due to system overloads.

File Inclusion Exploits

File inclusion exploits happen when the vulnerable code is used to load remote files that allow attackers to gain access to your website. File inclusion exploits are one of the most common ways an attacker can gain access to your WordPress website’s wp-config.php file, one of the most crucial files in your WordPress installation.

SQL Injections

Your WordPress website uses a MySQL database to operate. SQL injections happen when a hacker gets an access to your WordPress database and to all of your website data.

With an SQL injection, a hacker can create a new admin-level user account. Then, it can be used to login and get full access to your WordPress website. SQL injections can also be used to insert new data into your database, including links to inappropriate or spam websites.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-Site Scripting permits a hacker to place malicious Javascript code on your website. This is capable of reading data identifying infected page site users. Using those date, the hacker can impersonate users and possibly gain access to their accounts.


Malware, a.k.a malicious software, is code that is used to get unauthorized access to a website to gather sensitive data. A hacked WordPress site usually means malware has been inserted into your website’s files, so if you suspect malware on your site, take a look at recently changed files.

Cwatch and Why WordPress Security Software Be Utilized

On the vast sea of website security tools, cWatch offers the most efficient features for businesses. It has many other features that helps keep your website stronger than any concrete wall. It is the website security check tool that combines a Web Application Firewall (WAF) provisioned over a Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is a fully capable website security check tool from around-the-clock staffed Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) of certified security analysts and is powered by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) that leverages data from over 85 million endpoints to detect and mitigate threats before they occur.

To strengthen the web application firewall feature, here are the other features that cWatch has on its layers.

Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

Your team of always-on certified cybersecurity professionals providing 24x7x365 surveillance and remediation services.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

The WordPress security for my website has an advanced intelligence leveraging current events and data from 85M+ endpoints & 100M+ domains that’s why WordPress Security Software should be used.

Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The WordPress security for my website has a global system of distributed servers boost the performance of websites and web applications; that’s why WordPress Security Software be should used.

PCI Scanning

The WordPress security for my website has PCI Scanning enables merchants and service providers to stay in compliance with PCI DSS. It’s important to why WordPress Security Software should be used.

Malware Monitoring & Remediation

The WordPress security for my website identifies malware, provides the tools and methods to remove it, and helps to prevent future malware attacks. Now, this is one of the most crucial features why WordPress Security Software should be used.

Because of those promising features, cWatch as a security check for a website can give you the following benefits aside from its technical capabilities:

cWatch Saves Time and Effort

You don’t have to worry about the pesky dangers of malware every day. All you got to do is install cWatch on your website. It’ll do the rest of cleaning and protect a security check for the website.

cWatch Saves Money

Spending on the security check for the website might appear burdensome, but it actually prevents you from the possible risk of spending more on requesting for website consideration from Google and loss of customers.

cWatch Reduces Risks

Why wait for the moment of danger to come? Through the intensive activity reports of the security check for a website, you plan effectively before a malware attack. The best cure is prevention. Use a security check for a website now.

On the top on all the benefits from cWatch web application firewalls, you’ll get the initial test for free! No need for credit cards. We created a plan that suits any interested online entrepreneurs to increase their website security as a service. The Comodo cWatch Web contains unique sophisticated web security as a service features that are not available in other web security as a service tool.

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