Five Reasons Why Small Businesses are Prone to Malware Attacks

Often times, most people think that small startups experience less security threats than their big counterparts. Although there’s some truth to it, it’s not always entirely the case. Some of these threats can hinder small businesses from attaining long-term goals and success, and worse, may lead to their own demise. That is why, regardless of the size of your business, cybersecurity should always be at the forefront of your priorities and prime concerns.

Malicious software, or often coined as malware, is a piece of software that was made to cause security havoc in one’s private system, network, or device. As a matter of fact, nearly 113,000 small businesses were victimized by macro malware in 2017. So it’s safe to say that small startups can still fall vulnerable to malware attacks.

Listed below are five major reasons why small businesses can still fall victim to malware attacks:

1. Lack of Anticipation – Most small businesses think that cybercriminals won’t have any interest in disrupting their own system’s security and protection. Obviously, this is a misconception by many that can sadly, lead to the downfall of a small startup. The reality is that it’s easier for online perpetrators to target small businesses that don’t have an established IT security system in them. Once they break into a small startup’s private system, it’s only a matter of time for them to acquire confidential information and cause a major security havoc.

2. Lack of Strict Policies and Protocols – Some small startups only settle in strengthening their system’s passwords. While there’s nothing wrong in doing such practice, it’s not enough for your system’s security. Implementing two-factor authentication is something that most small businesses tend to neglect. As much as possible, small business owners need to understand that limiting user access to certain files and documents must be implemented to prevent unwanted access from entering their systems.

Investing in website malware removal services such as Comodo cWatch can help you mitigate the risk of falling victim to malware attacks. Comodo cWatch is the world’s only free website malware protection service, making it the ideal malware solution for small startups. Comodo cWatch can help you detect any malware before it can disrupt your system’s security. It also has a team of experts that can effectively remove malware from your website in less than 30 minutes.

With Comodo cWatch, you don’t need to worry about monitoring any malware from entering your system. Our team of experts will be the one to look after this malware and prevent them from harming your website. Here are the key services Comodo cWatch provides:

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3. Innovative Nature of Malware Threats – The landscape of cyberattack is constantly evolving through time. Hackers and online perpetrators are always coming up with new ways and techniques on how they will carry out attacks and distribute malware to different private systems. That’s why small startups that don’t prioritize their cybersecurity are more likely to experience a security incident in the future. If your system isn’t up-to-date and cannot keep up with today’s attacks and malware, you are setting up your business to failure. Sadly, many small startups are yet to realize the danger of modern malware attacks.

4. Outdated Software – Most small startups that don’t have the means to update their software and current IT system is subjected to more modern attacks. That’s why it is important to update your system with the latest security patches. Most security experts are aware of these threats, and that’s why they regularly release patches that can repair these problems for the protection of private systems. Unfortunately, this is another area of cybersecurity that most startups tend to neglect.

5. Uneducated Staff – Sometimes, it is due to human errors that your system can fall vulnerable to attacks. Employees who lack adequate cybersecurity knowledge can unwillingly exploit the vulnerabilities of your system. That’s why it is important for small businesses to train their staff when it comes to keeping a safe environment online. Remember, a well-educated workforce can be a great weapon against these malware attacks.


Strengthening your system’s security against these malware threats isn’t hard to accomplish. But before you can secure your system against modern malicious attacks, you have to know your own vulnerabilities and security opportunities.

Let our team of security experts at Comodo cWatch help you secure your system and website.

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