DDoS Attack On WordPress Search

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that allows users to create and manage their own websites. Through WordPress aspiring writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs can show what they have to offer and reach the right audience. But do you know that your WordPress website can be under a DDoS attack?

What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS or Denial of Service attack is a cyber attack that can disrupt the normal traffic of websites, networks, and servers resulting in downtime. A DDoS attack sends more traffic than a website, a network, and a server can handle until it denies incoming requests. Therefore, the service becomes temporarily unavailable.

A DDoS attack recovery time and cost depend on the severity of the damage and the incident response of the company. Nevertheless, it is still an unwanted circumstance which can greatly impact any business operation.

What is the Effect of a DDos Attack on WordPress Users?

Imagine your WordPress website being under a DDoS attack. Your customers and potential leads are quietly browsing your website, suddenly it becomes inaccessible. They try to reload the page, but it remains unavailable.

Can you imagine how frustrating and disappointing that can be to your potential leads? Particularly, to your regular visitors. Especially, when they are in the middle of a purchase. They might question the reliability of your website. Worse, they might just switch to a similar website that is more reliable.

You will lose potential buyers and regular customers because of a DDoS attack. That’s how a DDoS attack affects businesses. Although, it may not necessarily lead to a data breach, if it’s not addressed immediately, it may serve as an entry point of an exploit. So it is important to prevent a DDoS attack on your WordPress website.

WordPress security lacks features that can prevent a DDoS attack, said WPHackedHelp Blog. So it is advisable for website owners to apply effective preventive measures to enhance WordPress security.

How to Protect your Website against DDoS Attacks?

If you want to enhance your WordPress security to prevent a DDos attack, here are some important tips you can apply:

Enhance WordPress Security by Filtering Network Traffic

Filtering network traffic helps you prevent unwanted data that is sent to and from your web server. It enables you to allow and block certain traffic so that can you control the flow of your web traffic.

This is helpful to WordPress users because if you notice a sudden amount of traffic, you can immediately block it. This will maintain the normal operation of your website.

Enhance WordPress Security through Alert Monitoring

Alert monitoring is a system management process that instantly notifies you of a potential network security problem. It immediately alerts the end user about threats with the complete summary including the date, when and how the incident happens. You’ll have the overview of the incident so you can take immediate action.

Alert monitoring will help address IT security issues you might overlook. Thus, it helps prevent a DDoS attack. If the system detects unusual traffic on your web server, you will be immediately notified.

Enhance WordPress Security through SOC or Security Operation Center

SOC or Security Operation Center is a security suite equipped with security tools to protect websites and web application servers from cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks.

It combines advanced security features and strategies to prevent websites from getting hacked. Thus, with SOC, you have an assurance that your WordPress website is safe from a DDoS attack.

What is cWatch?

cWatch is one of the best website security solutions for enterprises with advanced security tools and features to protect websites from cyber attacks.

Some of the features include:

● DDoS Protection
● Bot Protection
● Website Acceleration
● Vulnerability Removal
● Instant Malware Removal
● Website Hack Repair
cWatch provides advanced filtering to monitor the flow of traffic. So a DDoS attack will be immediately detected. The Web Application Firewall or WAF provides real-time protection against DDoS attack and intrusion.

cWatch also provides real-time alerts. By constantly monitoring web application servers and websites, you are instantly alerted if an unwanted circumstance occurs. It’ll provide you the complete details of the event and you can pull it up anytime for your future reference.

cWatch is handled by security experts with years of experience who are ready to provide assistance anytime. They can further investigate the incident and customize your website security based on your environment.


Running a website requires a good strategy to maintain and enhance its stability. If you truly want to protect your WordPress website from a DDoS attack, you need to include an effective SOC or Security Operation Center in your IT security. It will monitor and protect your website from varieties of cyber attacks.

cWatch is an effective website security solution that you can trust. Contact us now for free malware removal on your website!

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